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August 2017 Newsletter of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association


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In this month's newsletter, we are happy to announce our 2017 board election winners. In addition, you'll find an article on the importance of research, as well as a reminder for professional members to complete their PACE requirements due at the end of the year. Exciting things are around the corner for our members as the conference committee continues to plan next year's event. Make sure not to miss September's newsletter to see the 2018 conference presenters!


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NAMA Board Election Results



The 2017 board election results are in! It is with our great pleasure to announce our new board members. If you would like to find more about each member, please click the more information link below.



3 Year Term Board Members




2 Year Term Board Member





Thank You Outgoing Board Members!


At this time we would like to extend a big thank you to our past board members, KP Khalsa and Jennifer Rioux. They both served the NAMA board with integrity and devotion. Their service has blessed our community.



Outgoing Board Members










The Impact of Research, by Raja Sivamani

With the buzz of “evidence-based medicine,” the Ayurvedic community is uniquely positioned to make an impact on the research community. While the tenets of Ayurvedic medicine have been laid out in theory and practicum, thousands of years of experience have proven that Ayurvedic practice can mold and evolve.

Research has historically had a bad rap as being intimidating and inaccessible. It was the stuff of ivory towers with laboratories tucked away behind esoteric test tubes and white coats. However, this is changing. Perhaps it is the explosion of the Internet or the new social norms to have more open discourse, but information is now more accessible to the general public and patients. Now we have curated websites like the National Library of Medicine ( that make research easier to find and open-access journals that make research level content free for the general reader. Research is no longer a tool for the esoteric; it has become a language of thoughtfulness and credibility to the public at large. The sooner the Ayurvedic community embraces this language; the sooner Ayurveda controls the conversation in how and why it may be a valid option. Otherwise, our community will be left to the mercy of other researchers who may not understand Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic approach. Perhaps more important than any of these reasons is that research allows introspection and continued evolution. What can be more Ayurvedic than that?  

Ayurveda has several advantages that will set it apart for today’s research landscape, as it has a vast wealth of empirical knowledge available for careful investigation. The research does not need to start from scratch. Whether the research is to look at an herb, procedure, mindfulness, or lifestyle habit, Ayurveda already has a structure for how and why it can be prescribed. Extending this to a research approach is not as hard as trying to develop concepts.

Ayurveda is primed for research in personalized medicine. For example, a research poster by Dr. Poonam Modha that was presented at the NAMA 2017 conference explored the integration of the Western and Ayurvedic perspective on headaches. Dr. Modha reported on how headaches can be classified along the doshas through a case where a patient was able to gain better control of her headaches with the use of interventions directed by the classification of her headache. With the growing interest in personalized approaches for medicine, the Ayurvedic approach lends itself to research, such as case reports or studies, that will be a significant contribution to this budding field within medicine.


As interest and research continue to build in areas such as the microbiome, gut health, the psychosocial connection to health, and the role of lifestyle habits on the epigenetic modulation of our genes, Ayurveda can lead the way. Research does not need to be limited to only randomized controlled studies and can include case reports, case discussions, linking biochemical findings to Ayurvedic concepts, and reviews or clinical studies. Regardless of the type of research pursued, the most important aspect is that we commit to it, as it will be one of the more efficient ways to educate others on Ayurveda outside of the current Ayurvedic community.

Ayurveda has always been an evolving approach that incorporates science and art. This modern research will help further develop our knowledge and educate others about it in a credible and compelling manner. The frontiers of research are exciting for Ayurveda, and we should embrace this opportunity to take charge of educating the public about how Ayurveda can make an impact to living healthy and well.   





  • Take a recommended course offered by NAMA PACE Providers. See the list here.
  • Listen to the NAMA Seminars in Ayurveda recordings to earn PACE credits at no additional cost. 

  • Submit credits you have taken since 2015 for non-listed continuing education courses in Ayurveda, yoga or jyotish you've taken since 2015.
  • Submit up to 30% of your credits from Other Topics in Wellness.


Click here to learn more about the PACE requirements and how to earn and submit your credits.








Sign Up to Take the AP Beta Test!


We are looking for up to 100 test takers for this phase of developing the Ayurvedic Practitioner certification exam. The beta test not only gives recent graduates and soon-to-be graduates the opportunity take the exam at a discounted rate, but most importantly, it helps us validate questions, determine the passing score and set the final testing time.


The test will be discounted from $450 to $150 for those that would like to participateCurrent NAMA AP members will receive 28 PACE Credits for taking the test.


*Current members are not required to take the exam.


Click below to start the process of registration!








Attend This Month's Free Seminar in Ayurveda!


Alternative Healthcare attorney Susan Etheridge will guide you through advertising and marketing laws which may impact your practice of Ayurveda. You will learn about product labels and testing requirements, advertising claims, legal disclaimers, and website terms and conditions. Susan will also be available to answer questions about your particular practice

Susan Etheridge, Esq. is an Attorney, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She has practiced law for over 25 years and is the founder of the Alternative Health Law Firm. Susan represents alternative health care practitioners and providers in the areas of healthcare regulations, business formations and transactions, contract law, and advertising and marketing law. Susan is a member of the Florida Bar and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.   








IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) is holding its annual silent auction at the upcoming NAMA 2018 Conference, "Ayurveda for Healing the World"
April 20-22, 2018 in Plano, Tx








The annual Silent Auction is a fundraiser for NAMA, as well an opportunity for NAMA supporters to highlight their products and services. By participating in the auction you receive exposure to conference attendees, NAMA members and NAMA supporters. This fundraiser and your contributions are an excellent opportunity to help build our association and support our ongoing efforts to grow and support our Ayurvedic community.


Thank you to our 2018 Conference Ojas Sponsor Kripalu


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