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In 2015, NAMA introduced the Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education (PACE) initiative as a part of our association’s ongoing work to ensure the professional growth and success of Ayurveda in the United States.

NAMA professional members agree to obtain continuing education credits in order to deepen their knowledge and keep their skills current.



PACE Requirements

NAMA professional members who joined before July 1, 2016 are required to earn the following credits by December 31, 2017*.
Ayurvedic Health Counselor (20 credits)
Ethics Quiz (Required) 02 credits
Topics in Ayurveda (TIA) 18 credits max
Topics in Wellness (TIW) 06 credits max
Ayurvedic Practitioner (40 credits)
Ethics Quiz (Required) 02 credits
Topics in Ayurveda (TIA) 38 credits max
Topics in Wellness (TIW) 12 credits max
Ayurvedic Doctor (40 credits)
Ethics Quiz (Required) 02 credits
Topics in Ayurveda (TIA) 38 credits max
Topics in Wellness (TIW) 12 credits max

* Please note that changes to the PACE requirements for 2018 - 2019 will be announced January 1, 2018.


How to Earn PACE Credits

Professional Members have three paths for earning PACE credits. 


Use these links to submit your PACE credits


  1. NAMA PACE Provider Programs ~ Recommended PACE programs offered directly by NAMA PACE Providers, either live or online. Click here for the listing and to verify your credits.

  2. Non-Listed Topics in Ayurveda Programs ~ Members may earn credits from any non-listed course in Ayurveda of their choosing. Click here to submit credits.**

  3. Non-Listed Other Topics in Wellness Programs ~ Up to 30% of required credits may be earned from non-listed programs in topics such as Western herbalism, Chinese Medicine, CPR, etc (topics outside of Ayurveda). Learn more & submit credits here.**

** A Note for Teachers/Advanced Practitioners: NAMA professional members who are teachers of PACE Programs and/or other professional Ayurveda trainings may earn up to 15 PACE credits for their teaching hours per 2-year cycle. Please use this link to earn credits for your teaching hours (15 hours). This does not include basic "introduction to Ayurveda" type of courses for the general public. If you taught fewer than 15 hours of professional Ayurvedic education, please contact us to submit your credits.


How to Track Your Credits


Want to see how many credits you have so far? Log into your member profile and click the "professional development" icon ... or simply click here and log in. 

Note: Don't worry if you see credits for other professional member levels.
Credits for your level (e.g. Ayurvedic Health Counselor) are the only ones relevant to you. 



Become a PACE Provider


Are you an experience trainer and educator offering workshops, seminars and courses for Ayurveda professionals? Become a PACE Provider to publicize your courses to NAMA Professional Members. Learn more. 



Have Other Questions About the PACE Program?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions


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