State Licensure For Ayurveda Legitimacy and Recognition

By David T. McConaghay, AD

State licensure will grant Ayurveda the legitimacy and official recognition it needs to realize its full potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people.
Licensure is a state-level function. As the pre-eminent national Ayurvedic organization, NAMA is busy doing everything in its power to facilitate the pursuit of licensure. These foundational efforts include the establishment of scopes of practice, national board exams for three levels of Ayurvedic professionals, as well as a council to accredit Ayurveda schools (NAMA Accreditation Council, NAMAAC).
NAMA, however, can only do so much. Therefore, if we are to perform our role as modern-day stewards of the vidya that is Ayurveda, those of us invested in properly protecting and promoting its study and practice must organize ourselves at the local level.
There is already a great deal of ongoing activity in this arena. Formal state associations currently exist in California, Colorado, Florida, and Minnesota, and there are groups currently forming in many other states, including but not limited to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Leaders from these groups meet monthly to share best practices and inspire each other.
State organizations serve as a focal point for local Ayurveda communities. They offer membership benefits, send informational newsletters, host educational events, and hold regular leadership meetings to serve the needs of Ayurvedic professionals in their state.
In addition to cultivating community solidarity, these state groups will serve as the avenues through which the Ayurvedic profession will achieve the official recognition it needs to reach a mass audience in America.
While each state organization is inherently independent, we see immense benefit to maintaining general alignment and open channels of communication between states and with NAMA. Look for updates in 2019 detailing more about the precise structure of the relationship between NAMA and the state organizations.
If you are curious about what’s happening in your state or want to make something happen in your state, please contact us, and we’ll get you connected!


About the Author
David T. McConaghay, AD

David T. McConaghay is the Communications Chair of the Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association (COLORAMA) and is the Chair of the NAMA's State sub-committee, whose mission is to be an organizing force offering support to state-level Ayurveda organizations.