Ayurvedic Doctor Membership Application

Ayurvedic Doctors use the same diagnostic tools and therapeutic methods as the practitioner, but with greater depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. The doctor has a much deeper understanding of the history, classical texts and pathology.

To become a NAMA Recognized School, please read through the following steps carefully to understand the application process before starting. To apply click the orange “Apply Today!” link below.


Download and read the AD Educational Competencies and Scope of Practice → to ensure your eduction status will meet the NAMA standards.


Fill out on-line AD application form and pay the $250 application fee. Please use the orange “Apply Today!” after reading through all the below steps.

The on-line application is not able to be saved at worked on for a later time. You must complete the application in one setting. The application could take up to 45 mins to complete. We suggest you review the application form and gather all the needed information before starting the application process. You can easily review the application form by clicking on the apply today button at this link. The form will automatically pop up.


We require you to have the following supporting documents ready to present with your application. Please ensure you have all these documents before starting the application process. Once the on-line application has been completed, you will receive a conformation email. Please email the following documents to the email provided in the confirmation email.

Copies of the following from the school(s) from which you graduated:

  • Certificates

  • Transcripts

  • Letter of Recommendation


If your membership is awarded, NAMA will create your membership profile and send you a confirmation email. .

Questions about our memberships? Contact our Membership Manager!

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