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Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy For Stilling The Mind

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy for Stilling the Mind with Amy Wheeler, Kamalesh Ginger Hooven, and Arun Deva

Location: Outlook 201

For many of us the mind is anything but still. We constantly experience thoughts, feelings, and sensations that can disrupt our concentration and  disturb our peace of mind. Both yoga and Ayurveda give us tools that turn our minds away from chaos and rigidity and toward one-pointed attention, the hallmark of an undisturbed mind. Ayurvedic concepts of dinacarya, ahāra-vihāra, swastha vrtta, and ritucarya serve as the broad canvas upon which the eight limbs (aśtānga) of yogic practice move us toward positive mental states. Achieving positive states of mind reduces the turmoil of our lives and helps us realize the full potential of our dharma. In essence, Ayurvedic yoga therapy helps us live quieter, more focused lives.

Practitioners/teachers Arun, Amy, and Kamalesh will together bring the expertise they’ve gained from countless hours of study, practice, and teaching to seamlessly integrate this 3-hour hands-on practicum. It will flow from traditional methods to clinical to academic approaches, emphasizing practicality, so we can learn to empower our clients to change any negative lifestyle patterns into positive ones and to fortify existing positive states.

Earlier Event: April 26
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