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Foundations of Ayurvedic Psychology

Foundations of Ayurvedic Psychology with Vamadeva Frawley

Location: Redwood Auditorium

Ayurveda traditionally covers health and disease for body and mind, which reflect one another. It is inherently as much a psychological therapy as a physical treatment. Its emphasis on reducing the doshas and improving sattva guna provides it with a foundation on both levels. Ayurveda’s relationship with Yoga and Vedanta enhances its psychological approach. Ayurveda’s behavioral and lifestyle regimens, which include meditation, sustain psychological wellbeing overall. My talk on Ayurveda and the Mind will address the importance of the psychological aspects of Ayurveda, their relevance today in the information age, and how they provide the basis for right living, longevity, happiness and Self-realization. It will address healing methods from mantra to meditation, but also special Ayurvedic herbs for the mind.

Earlier Event: April 27
Later Event: April 27
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