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Now that so many Americans are seeking to manage rising healthcare costs and improve their overall well-being by integrating holistic medicines and practices into their lifestyle, the opportunity to foster the growth of Ayurveda in the U.S. has never been greater. Help us forward our work and help to create broader and more natural healthcare options for American citizens while establishing this ancient healthcare system to its rightful place in the market through accreditation.

We are now at a essential juncture in making considerable leaps to secure the foundation and create real growth and opportunity. Your donation will allow more to have access to the consciousness-based philosophy, knowledge, science, and practice of Ayurveda, a benefit to all beings in the U.S. and globally. Your donation will support

  • Develop an accreditation council for education institutions

  • Create academic standards for education institutions

  • Build the foundational steps needed for licensure

  • Educate the public about Ayurveda as a health care option

  • Preserve the heritage to ensure the future success

  • Support the needed research in the field of Ayurveda

NAMA changed the course of my career!
— Dr. Trupti Gokani


NAMA is the dynamic voice of the Ayurvedic profession in the United States; empowering individuals, communities and all humanity to enhance health, well-being, and self-awareness through Ayurveda. Your donation allows us to connect the dots for the growth of Ayurveda.

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