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Welcome to our new public resource to find workshops, classes, courses, recordings, conferences and events on topics related to Ayurveda and its sister-sciences, such as Ayurvedic cooking, body therapies, daily routines, yoga, vastu, jyotish, and more. PAW is a portal for the general public to engage in the educational offerings and teachings produced and presented by qualified NAMA members. *Disclaimer: The views of the PAW providers are not the views of NAMA as an organization.

NAMA professional members please note: All PAW courses are PACE approved. However, the PAW platform does not track PACE credits. In order to earn credit for completing a PAW course, please find the respective PAW course on the PACE listing platform and submit its credit survey.

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PAW offers a wide variety of classes and workshops. If you are looking for a specific topic, use a KEYWORD that describes it.


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Want to List on PAW?

Do you have a workshops, classes, courses, recordings, conferences and events on topics related to Ayurveda and its sister-sciences? List with us and gain exposure for your offerings!

PAW Requirement

  1. You MUST be either a NAMA professional member or vetted NAMA organizational (educational) member to submit an application to list a workshop/class on PAW.

  2. The fee for each PAW submission is $50, with a $25 refund for disqualified applications. There is no PAW Provider fee.

  3. Please allow 10 business days for the listing to be approved and posted on GAEL.

  4. Multi-day programs and Pre-recorded listings require a specific start date to be featured in the GAEL. The listing will appear one time with the specified start date. If you have an on-demand program, please choose the date that you would like your listing to appear on GAEL.

  5. A PAW Application is needed for each instance of a single/complete offering. For example, if a GAEL provider wants to offer two instances of the same multi-day course, such as one instance from June 20 to 23 and another instance from September 20 to 23, then two (2) separate GAEL Applications would be needed.

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