Morning Sessions

The conference will offer attendees the opportunity to enjoy some very special events. 

Morning Sessions are open to all attendees.  You may choose the morning's meditation or yoga session.  Sessions begin at 6:45 am and are one hour long.  Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so that the sessions may begin on time.

Friday, April 10


Friday morning meditation
Join Ginger Kamalesh Hooven (Mount Madonna

Exploring all eight limbs of the Ashtanga system as outline by Patanjali, we will practice simple, yet powerful yoga tachniques to focus and calm the mind, preparing us for meditation.  The meditation will be gently guided amidst the silence.


Vata Balancing: An Ayurvedic Yoga Journey

Led by Larissa Hall Carlson (Kripalu)

Feeling exhausted? Depleted? Stressed?  Dive into a juicy full-body yoga journey designed to balance the ether and air elements of vata dosha.  You’ll take a rejuvenating journey through nourishing asana, soothing pranayama, deep relaxation, and insightful Ayurvedic theory. Emerge feeling refreshed, basking in a warm, relaxed afterglow. For mixed levels.

Note: Includes asana, pranayama, and yoga nidra. 

Saturday, April 11


Begin your Saturday
With Genevieve Gilbreath (Herbal Zap)

Centering Awareness

Start your morning connecting to Divine Consciousness. We will practice meditation inspired by the sacred Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, a key text of the Trika school of Kashmir Shivaism. Come center your awareness as we travel through the senses to a place of stillness.


Vata Pacifying Practice

Led by Marc Halpern (CCA)

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy is the application of therapeutic Ayurvedic principles to the practices of yoga. This class, taught in the traditional Sivananda style, is designed to shift the physiology of the body in a manner that will pacify vata dosha. Utilizing asana and pranayama, the focus of the class is to enhance the activity of samana and apana vayu. The end result is to feel more grounded and centered, calm and clear.  All levels are welcome.


Sunday, April 12


Enjoy Sunday's Journey into self
With Aparna Amy Lewis (Vedika Global)
Aparna will lead a one-of-a-kind Gayathri meditation session that leads seekers into states of elevated consciousness and inner bliss.            

Rejuvenation through Practice

Join Felicia Tomasko and Guy Gabriel (LAYoga)

Enjoy a simple practice of asana, intention setting, pranayama and live music to facilitate inner balance.  This all-levels practice that will help attendees assimilate what they have learned through the weekend of sessions and networking.

The class will include joint-freeing sequences, simple flows, standing poses, twists, and creative sequences to allow prana to move through the nadis with ease.  Bring a mat or towel and wear comfortable clothing.

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