Sattvajaya Cikitsa: The Conquest of Truth as a Therapeutic Tool

with Arun Deva

Sattvajaya punar ahitebhyo arthebhyo manonigraha: Regarding techniques for controlling or restraining the mind from desires for unwholesome objects, to be achieved by increasing Sattva. This is the solitary reference to Sattvajaya in the Caraka Samhita but it magnificently explains what all yogin know: pratyahara is the single greatest tool for controlling the sensory mind. Since ahara means food, Ayurveda teaches us to identify the food for each of the 11 senses and also how to control our relationship with them. The mind is functional in four ways. The senses are the key in this approach. It is the senses that are most in need of healing in our overly sensory world today. We will explore the role of Ayurveda in treating psychological trauma and addictions along with the sister science of yoga.

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