An Event for Growth and Connection

Of all the things I look forward to every year, one of my favorites is the annual NAMA Conference. I have only attended the last two years, but the reason is because my journey as an Ayurvedic professional is still short. Both years I attended as a student, and the first year I was rather nervous about joining a group of seasoned experts. Surprisingly, I felt very welcome and not at all overwhelmed by the technical details of the presentations. In fact, I had an absolute blast! Call me a nerd, but I wanted to attend every session and absorb every ounce of knowledge that I could. The sessions were informative, interesting, and very relevant to current health trends and my interests. I was excited to hear from both Western and traditionally trained experts, as it shows there is a growing trend toward integrative and collaborative efforts, something I personally support and feel is necessary to improve the current state of health care worldwide. I knew at the start I would be back for more the next year.

The vendor displays were fabulous, too. I added to my library and got to sample lots of products, some of which have been incorporated into my business and are now earning me additional income. Knowing the company and products that I am endorsing gives me confidence when sharing them with my clients. I was also very moved that a couple of the vendors remembered me from the previous year’s conference. How many companies maintain relationships like that in this modern age? Truly, it shows the connectedness of the Ayurvedic community. We are a growing community spanning the globe, yet we remember each other from talking briefly a year ago!

In the past two years, I have met wonderful like-minded people who inspired me to keep growing my practice, even though I am in a location that is just starting to embrace the concept of holistic health. I engaged one-on-one with educators, vendors, practitioners, and other students, even though I find myself to be quite shy and an introvert. The knowledge I gained at the Conference helped me grow as an individual, and I have routinely used current research as focal points for conversations with clients and other professionals. NAMA has brought a sense of legitimacy to a field that is often viewed as “woo-woo.” I have the confidence to keep growing my practice and continue my advanced education because I know that there are highly trained professionals worldwide adopting the system of Ayurveda and raising the standard for practitioners for the benefit of people who need resources for healing.

This year I look forward to more of the same: wonderful connections, engaging presentations, and a sense of community. I also look forward to the new setting at a retreat in a beautiful part of the country. I know there will be amazing food, beautiful scenery, and a sense of harmony in the entire experience. For those who are on the fence about going, this will be the year to attend. See you there!


About the Author

Eszter, LMT, AHC, RYT

Eszter is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor who is trained in neuromuscular therapy, prenatal yoga, and Reiki. She left engineering to grow her practice with her husband.