Food and Mood: Diet Approaches to Balancing the Mind & Feeding the Senses

Panel Presentation: Amadea Morningstar, Shaaranya Geetanjali, Manjusha Vinjamury, BAMS, AD, Yogi Cameron, C-AP, Akil Palanisamy, MD - Panel Moderator

Ayurveda has long recognized the relationship between the mental and physical effects of various foods and the condition of the person who eats a particular food as well as when, where, and how much of that food is consumed. This panel of experts on that topic will explore how food affects our mental state, including the pivotal role of tri-gunas, and how to use Ayurvedic principles to stabilize and balance the mind. Case studies will be presented to exemplify an Ayurvedic approach to feeding the mind and the senses.

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