Mindful & Practical Approach to Research in Ayurveda

Panel Presentation: Christine Peterson, PhD, C-AP, Freedom Cole, C-AP, Vivek Shanbhag, BAMS, MD (Ayu), ND, Namyata Pathak, BAMS, MD (Ayu), AD, Rammohan Rao, PhD, C-AP, RYT

This session will focus on the role of research as a way to advance understanding of the teachings of Ayurveda and furthering the growth of this science in our western world. The panel presenters will share current Ayurvedic research and its outcomes, how to develop collaborative research protocols, understanding whole system research, modern Ayurvedic research related to a clinical condition, and bridging Ayurvedic concepts to the gut-brain and gut-body axis including the microbiome.

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