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Human Beings in Ayurveda and Anthroposophy

February 25, 2019 with Ushta Aryan, MD, PhD, ND

Rudolph Steiner is the nineteenth-century philosopher who founded anthroposophic medicine. The head of the German section of the Theosophical Society, Steiner drew from the society’s Vedic cosmology and guided its development into a new understanding of humanity known as anthroposophy. Anthroposophy regards human beings as consisting of a physical body and an etheric body, astral body, and Ich(“ego”), with different parts belonging to thinking, feeling, and will. The analogy between anthroposophic thought and Ayurvedic thought and its implications for health and disease will be discussed briefly.


Ushta Aryan, MD, PhD, ND, is medical doctor and scientist , naturopath, and Ayurvedic and anthroposophic physician. He practices functional medicine and is adjunct fellow at UPenn Center for Public Health Initiatives (CPHI). He is also a board-certified homeopath and certified nutrition specialist. 

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