AHCs & APs: Please Take Note Regarding Your Next Dues Payment


The message below only affects AHCs and APs on automatic dues renewal (which is the overwhelming majority of AHCs and APs).
On July 1, dues were raised for Ayurvedic Health Counselors and Ayurvedic Practitioners. Most of you “have”—or now more accurately, “had” your next dues invoice automatically generated. We apologize, but on July 1, for those of you on auto-renew, we had to delete your automatically generated next invoice because it was generated from the old $150 dues level.

If you have not already paid your dues since July 1, when your dues are next due, whether it’s due 7/31/2018, 12/31/2018, or 5/31/2019, we will need you to manually go into your account and pay your dues at that time because at the moment your dues are no longer automatically paid/renewed. You will still get emails reminding you that your dues date is coming up (30-days prior and 7-days prior), but unlike your last dues payment, we will need you to manually go into your account and pay with your credit card. Once you do, your account will reset and begin on auto-renew again with the card you just used.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We triple-checked, but our database provider said these steps are needed.