Build Your Practice with a Powerful Online Presence! 

Professional Membership

NAMA wants to see your practice flourish—and NAMA's professional directory is just one way we can help you do that. Your listing in NAMA's online professional directory serves as free marketing for your practice. This public professional directory gives you an opportunity to appear in searches by anyone who is looking for an Ayurvedic provider. Published by the largest Ayurvedic professional organization in the United States, the NAMA professional directory is a well-known resource that empowers you to not only maximize your visibility and attract clients but also connect with potential business partners and with other NAMA members who can help you build a community in your area. 

So how do you build a  distinctive and appealing online listing? First, keep the needs and desires of your audience uppermost in your mind: Provide a short introduction or bio that describes your services and your areas of expertise. As a purveyor of healing, you need to present yourself as not only a credible professional, but also a warm and caring person whom clients will be eager to invite into their lives. 

Make sure your sentences are short and simple and get right to the point. Remember that readers have to sort through numerous listings and may become frustrated with those that overburden them with long, wordy paragraphs and too much information. Include links to your website, testimonials, and social media pages to make it easy for readers to learn more about you.

You may also want to mention any community service and volunteer work that you do. Evidence of your commitment to your community and the people who live there will resonate with local clients and with people who value a sense of social responsibility. 

Don’t forget to include your picture. Choose one that captures you as you are in the current moment. We have all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”— a photo can capture your essence more effectively than words on a page and goes a long way towards personalizing your listing.

Finally, ask a neutral party to review your listing. Choose someone outside the Ayurvedic profession who knows you and understands your value and who will provide honest feedback. 

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