Catch the Ayurveda Wave in 2019!


Great news for Ayurvedic professionals: Two well-known publications predicted in recent issues that Ayurveda was a top wellness trend in 2018 and will continue to surge in popularity in 2019. Get your surfboards ready, NAMA members, for the Ayurveda wave!
Vogue: From CBD to Sex-Positivity, the 8 Biggest Wellness Trends of 2018 

Check this out: Vogue states that one of the eight biggest wellness trends of 2018 was “the Mainstreaming of Ayurveda.” They go on to declare, “ Incorporating Ayurveda into one’s life has never been easier. It may sound woo-woo to some, but for a few—most notably Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow—it has been a game-changer for holistic living.” Indeed—thanks to NAMA and its members, who are leading Ayurveda’s movement into the mainstream. Our Professional Members deliver trusted Ayurveda services to the public. Our Corporate Members provide the Ayurveda products people want, and our Schools continue to provide the highest quality Ayurvedic education.

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Mindbodygreen: 11 Wellness Trends to Watch In 2019 

Mindbodygreen predicts that “the ancient art of Ayurveda will get modern—and ubiquitous” in 2019. The article states that Ayurveda ”exploded into public consciousness via a new embrace of healthy mitochondria, the ketogenic diet, and other fat-friendly approaches to food, which led to the emergence of ghee as a cooking staple.” Furthermore, the growing number of people living an Ayurvedic lifestyle lends weight to  mindbodygreen’sthird prediction for 2019: This will be the year that everyone learns that “understanding the circadian rhythm is the key to way more than just better sleep.” These wellness trends suggest that the mainstream may soon come to share the Ayurvedic community’s long-standing awareness of the connection between sleep, mental health, and physiological functioning. 

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