New NAMACB Exam Material Available for the AHC and AP National Exams!

The NAMACB has revamped its educational resources to help candidates for the AHC and AP national exams optimize their preparation. We know studying for an exam is stressful, and we want to make sure your doshas feel grounded and balanced during your efforts to attain NAMA board certification.

Revised Study Guides: The new AHC and AP Study Guides have been streamlined and aligned with the outline that the developers of the national exams used! Topic by topic, these materials communicate the incentives and core principles you need to absorb to succeed on the exam. The guides also have sample questions, which will help familiarize you with the style and wording of the questions you’ll encounter on the exam. 

Detailed Reference Guides: To further support your efforts, we’ve developed two detailed Reference Guides that complement the Study Guides with a Sanskrit glossary and other helpful information.

Please find these resources on the NAMACB website, under Exam Resources!