Vastu to Improve the Success of your Ayurvedic Business

Copy of Michael Mastro, Author and International Speaker

Because we are nearing the end of the PACE cycle and the holidays, mark your calendars for two special Seminars in Ayurveda, which have been added in November and December to help Professional Members who are trying to complete their PACE requirements.

November 11, 2019, with Michael Mastro

Vastu tips on how to make your spa, office or clinic more successful.

During this presentation you will learn powerful tips, based on scientific research that:

  • Increase productivity and reduce expenses

  • Attract more clients

  • Improve relationships within the clinic or spa

  • Reduce stress and strengthen health of your clients

Michael Mastro, Vastu Consultant (Indian Feng Shui sister science to Ayurveda). His corporate clients include Microsoft, Boeing, NASA, World Bank, and Intel, as well as individuals worldwide. He was a featured guest on Dr Oz and presented Vastu at the United Nations.