New Ways to Earn PACE: Please Read!

Namaste NAMA Professional Members!

Thank you all for your efforts to fulfill your continuing education requirements and to keep Ayurveda alive and evolving in the United States.  We have been working with the NAMACB to develop new ways to recognize your ongoing contribution to the progress of Ayurveda.  From today to the end of the year, you can take advantage of the following alternative methods of earning your PACE credits:

What’s New

Topics in Sister Sciences 

            You may earn up to 15 credits for completing courses in jyotish, vastu, and/or yoga.

Teaching Ayurveda (Non-professional) 

You may earn up to 15 credits for teaching courses on a specialized area of Ayurveda (e.g., addiction, depression, herbalism) to the general public or your community. Classes that provide a general introduction to Ayurveda do not qualify for PACE credits.

Teaching Ayurveda (Professional) 

You may earn up to 15 credits for teaching any Topics in Ayurveda course to Ayurvedic professionals, medical professionals, or students in an academic program.

Publishing in Ayurveda

You may earn up to 28 credits for publishing written works on Ayurveda. The following publications are eligible for credits:

  • Textbooks on Ayurveda

  • Non-textbooks (i.e., books for a general audience) on Ayurveda

  •  Peer-reviewed articles (i.e., articles published in scholarly journals) on Ayurveda 

  • Non-peer reviewed articles (i.e., articles published in general interest periodicals such as magazines and newspapers) on Ayurveda

  • Chapter of a textbook on Ayurveda 

  • Chapter of a non-textbook on Ayurveda  

Please note that the number of credits awarded varies according to the type of publication you’ve authored. For more information, please check out the PACE submissions page.

Professional Service

You may earn up to 28 credits for at least six months of volunteer service with any international, national, state, and/or local healthcare-related organization; for example, serving on boards of directors, committees, editorial boards, review boards, task forces, and medical missions. 

Board Exam

You may earn up to 28 credits for taking (or re-taking) and passing the NAMACB board exam. Please note that this type of credit will no longer be available as of January 1, 2020. 

What’s Staying the Same

Topics in Ayurveda

You may earn up to 28 credits for completing  NAMA-recognized courses on Ayurveda, including conference sessions, NAMA Seminars in Ayurveda, and those that appear in the NAMA-approved PACE listings. 

Topics in Wellness

Up to 30 percent of your PACE requirement can be earned by completing courses on subjects outside of the realm of Ayurveda that are nevertheless relevant to the goals of Ayurvedic practitioners, such as courses on topics in other healthcare disciplines (e.g., Western medicine, Chinese medicine) and courses that support an Ayurvedic practice (e.g., business strategies, insurance, web development). 

For more information about PACE, please refer to following resources:

    *The PACE home page


    *The PACE FAQ web page